An American Airlines Pilot Reported A UFO While Flying Over Arizona

A nearby Learjet pilot also reported seeing an unidentified flying object at the same time.
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Russian Cargo Plane Drops $378 Million Worth Of Gold Bars

200 bars of gold among other precious metals are scattered across a Russian airport runway.
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Amelia Earhart

Scientist 99% Sure Bones Found On Remote Island Belong To Amelia Earhart

Physician D.W. Hoodless first conducted research on a series of bones found on a remote island in the Pacific in 1940
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Emotional Support Dog Bites 6-Year-Old On Southwest Flight

A Southwest flight from Phoenix to Portland was disrupted for a moment after an emotional support dog nipped at and bit an approaching six-year-old late Wednesday night. The child was treated for minor injury by paramedics after the dog's teeth scraped their forehead. The child continued on the...
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Atlanta Airport Offering Free, Nonstop Flights To The Kingdom Of Wakanda

"Black Panther" is absolutely destroying the box office and smashing records left and right, so it's only normal its hype begins to extend its reach into the mainstream.
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Man Sits Next To Child Throwing Temper Tantrum During Entire Eight Hour Flight

It's inevitable that at some point in your life, you will encounter a screaming child on a plane.
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Plane Detoured Mid-Flight Due To Broken Toilets Despite 60 Plumbers Being On Board

A Norwegian flight traveling from Oslo to Munich had to turn around while in the air due to several problems with the plane's toilets.
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Airline Refuses To Allow Woman To Bring Emotional Support Peacock Onto Flight

United Airlines is making headlines once again, but this time we don't think we can really fault them.
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United Airlines Flight Diverted to Alaska Because Passenger Was 'Smearing Feces Everywhere'

What a start to the new year for United!
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