Food Critic Claims He Spent $20,000 On Takeout While High On Medical Marijuana During Pandemic

For most stoners, there ideas never actually come to fruition, but for one man, he thought of an idea around the one thing no marijuana user can resist; food. The only issue is; his passion for food and marijuana has led to quite the hefty price tag, especially over the last few months.
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Israeli Inventor Creates Remote Control Face Mask People Can Wear While Eating

With people around the country wearing masks when they go out in public, many are looking for ways to go through their daily routine without the mask becoming a distraction. One of these activities is eating, as some are struggling to feel safe taking off the mask in order to eat.
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The Viral “Murder Hornet” Is Apparently A Beloved Snack In Japan

While many were startled at the news that something known as a “Murder Hornet” had made its way to the United States, apparently it may lead to a new delicacy featured on food menus. The Asian giant hornet currently has zoologists and pest-control experts working to eradicate the infestation before...
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Another Shortage May Be Around The Corner As People Stockpile Frozen Pizza

When the coronavirus first began to spread across the country, many stores saw shortages in essential items such as hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Now, there is another item that is beginning to disappear from shelves, and it’s one not too many people will be happy about.
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Someone Just Discovered Why Triscuits Are Named Triscuits

For years, people have been walking around thinking the reason why Triscuit crackers have the name Triscuits is all because of the number 3.
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Fast Food restaurant

Whataburger Closes All Dining Rooms, Drive-Thru Will Remain Open

Whataburger will close all of their dining rooms, but will continue to serve costumers through their drive-thru windows.
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Food Delivery

Whataburger Provided Meals To Stressed Out H-E-B Employees

A Whataburger in New Braunfels took the time to prepare meals for the employees at a local H-E-B who have been working harder than ever.
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Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Plano Dessert Bar Now Sells Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Ice Cream

Plano ice cream shop Milky Treats is now serving Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ice cream.
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Chicken Tenders

Raising Cane’s Voted As The 'Best Chicken Tenders' Among Fast Food Restaurants

When it comes to Chicken Tenders Raising Cane’s has the best in the business according to a new ranking from the Thrillist.
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Taco Bell

College Students Bid Farewell To Closed Taco Bell With Candle Light Vigil

Students at Penn State organized a vigil for the Taco Bell restaurant that was shutting down.
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