McDonald's Sign

North Texas McDonald’s Restaurants Offering Free Breakfast For Students & Teachers Tomorrow Morning

Students and teachers in need of a good breakfast can stop by any McDonalds in North Texas for a free meal during STAAR testing.
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Jellybean Easter eggs

Beer Cans Filled With Beer Flavored Jelly Beans Are Here Just In Time For Easter

Jelly Belly has just released beer cans filled with their ‘Draft Beer’ flavored jellybean.
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Taco Bell, Restaurant, Exterior, Sign, Florida, 2019

Taco Bell Chooses Dallas For Test Launch Of New Vegetarian Menu

Taco Bell fans, your time is now!
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Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders Surprised A Crowd And Played A DJ Set Over The Weekend

The mascot for Kentucky Fired Chicken performed a DJ set at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami over the weekend.
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Burger King

Burger King Tricks Customers Into Eating A Vegan Whopper

[VIDEO] Burger King recently announced that they would start selling the Impossible Burger, a beef like patty that’s made entirely from plants.
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PEZ Dispensers

Whataburger Now Has Their Own PEZ Dispenser

Whataburger now has its own PEZ candy dispenser available for purchase.
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A Man Tried To Share A Bagel Secret With The World, But The World Was Having None Of It

A man thought he was showing the world the greatest thing since sliced bread; slicing bagels as if they were a loaf of bread. After the bagels were a big hit with his office, twitter user Alek Krautmann thought he would share the secret of St. Louis style bagels.
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Texas Rangers, Hat, Wilson Glove, Baseball, Dugout, Dirty

Texas Rangers Introduce New Ballpark Food For 2019

It's the final season for your Texas Rangers at their current home of Globe Life Park, but if you think that means they aren't going to thrust a whole bunch of new food items in our faces for this season, you are dead wrong.
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Hot Sauce, Bottle, Tipped, White Background

Scientists Create Hot Sauce That Mimics The Bite Of A Venomous Spider

Scientists in England have worked their evil magic to create a hot sauce that mimics the bite and sting of Trinidad Chevron tarantula.
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Lemon Cake

Bakery Goes Viral For Their 'Vasectomy Cake'

A wife in Tennessee wanted to do something special for her husband after he had a vasectomy, so she got him a hilarious cake.
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