Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Red Lobster Says Their Cheddar Bay Biscuits Will Still Be Unlimited

Rumors began spreading online this week that Red Lobster was going to limit the amount of Cheddar Bay Biscuits customers could have.
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Huge Taco Fest In Dallas This April Offering $2 Tacos From 28 Taquerias

Taco lovers rejoice!
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Person Running From Burger

Man Flashed Whataburger Customers; Was Then Hit By A Car While Fleeing Police

A man flashed other patrons at a Whataburger in Houston on Wednesday night.
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John Schnatter

Papa John Says He Actually Didn’t Eat 40 Pizzas In 30 Days

During a recent interview, John Schnatter admitted that he didn’t eat 40 pizzas in 30 days.
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Mr. Puft Stay

You Can Now Eat The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man From ‘Ghostbusters’

A large edible Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from ‘Ghostbusters’ is now available.
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Dill, Flowers, and Cucumbers

You Can Order This DIY Pickle Bouquet For Valentine's Day

You can order Grillo’s Pickles DIY Pickle Bouquet for Valentine’s Day for that special someone who just loves them some pickles.
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Chicken Nuggets

People Are Opting For Chicken Nugget Bouquets Instead Of Flowers This Valentine's Day

This year more people are opting to go with a chicken nugget bouquet instead of flowers for Valentines Day this year.
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Pizza Guy

Pizza Delivery Driver Received A Tip Of Over $2,000

A delivery driver received more than he expected in tip, after delivering a pizza to a YouTube vlogger.
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red carpet for The Mandalorian

This Texas Donut Shop Is Now Selling Baby Yoda Donuts

Hurts Donuts in Katy, Texas is now selling Baby Yoda shaped donuts.
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Taco Bell

Taco Bell Will Begin Paying Managers At Select Locations $100,000 A Year

Taco Bell made a big announcement. The fast food giant will begin paying managers at select locations $100,000 a year.
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