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National News Anchor Says He Hasn’t Washed His Hands In Over Ten Years

Fox News host Pete Hegseth doesn’t believe germs are a real thing.
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Fox News Apologizes For Mistaking Patti LaBelle For Aretha Franklin During On Air Tribute

Fact: Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle look nothing alike. Fact: Fox News can't seem to differentiate between the two singers.
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[VIDEO] Baby's Reaction Receiving Doll Is Precious

This is just too adorable and too cute
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Gym Chain Bans 24-Hour News Networks Due To The "Consistently Negative Politically Charged Content"

Next time you're on the treadmill or elliptical at a Lifetime Fitness, you won't be able to find Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, or any 24-hour news channel ANYWHERE on the television.
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