A New Zealand Man Gets Paid $10,000 A Year To Be City’s Official Wizard

There are some professions that make people wonder how anyone could make a living doing that activity. While normally these odd jobs serve some form of purpose, albeit an unconventional one, for one man in New Zealand his career has more to do with appearance than anything.
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Tabby, A New Dating App For Cat Lovers, Launched Over The Weekend

When it comes to dating, dog or cat preference is surprisingly an important aspect in compatibility. While dog people have always had an advantage, meeting fellow dog people while taking their canine companion out for walks, cat lovers have always had a more difficult time finding each other.
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Man’s Attempt At A Romantic Marriage Proposal Ends With Apartment Fire

Thanks to social media, the pressure to deliver an original marriage proposal is higher than ever before. Those proposing to their significant other have major planning to do, as a simple question asked on one knee is no longer enough for most. Sadly for one man, his attempt at an extravagant and...
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Couple’s Argument Goes Viral After Man Built Taco Bell Themed Office In Their Home

When it comes to home décor, couples don’t always see eye to eye on how a house’s interior should look. For many men, that means having their style relegated to one room in the house. In the case of one couple, they decided to take their home style argument to the internet to help them decide what...
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Dentists Claim Wearing A Mask Is Leading To Dental Hygiene Issues Called “Mask Mouth”

Wearing a mask in public has become the norm, as people look to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus. However, while most are now on board with wearing a mask in public, masks have apparently now created an entire new set of problems.
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Parking Dispute Leads To Man Building Scaffolding Around Neighbor’s Car

Potential homeowners are always in search of their dream home, but even when the perfect house is found; those living next door may make the experience a nightmare. Neighbors fight over a number of things, but for a neighborhood in the UK, a parking dispute has officially reached new heights.
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Website Offering $3,000 To Have Sex On Different Mattresses For Reviews

With a large number of people currently not working, many are in constant search for ways to make extra money. While the internet is a good source of finding odd jobs, usually the work isn’t exactly easy or enjoyable. However, a website has decided to change that; offering $3,000 to a couple...
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Texas Library Goes Viral With Video Promoting Curbside Pickup

Many businesses have been struggling over the last few months, but some industries are at risk of shutting down completely due to the coronavirus. One industry that was struggling before the pandemic even started was libraries.
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Woman Surprised After Cutting Board She Ordered Came With A Genitalia Design In Marble

Online shopping has seemingly taken over, with people selecting to buy products from their phone or computer, instead of going to a store and trying it out first. While e-commerce has improved over the years, there are still some errors that make it through every once in a while.
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Sleeping Hack To Keep Sheets Cool Goes Viral, But It Turns Out It Actually Makes People Hotter

While some find it enjoyable to sleep in warm conditions, most can’t manage to get any rest when the room is too hot. People often search for tips to get their room cooler at night, especially their bedding. Recently, a sleeping hack went viral that called for sheets to be put in the freezer, but...
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