Woman Condemns Michelin Star Restaurant After Husband Accidentally Eats Napkin

She went on to criticize the restaurant for its "pretentiousness," saying the establishment was bordering less a restaurant but a church, and served their food with a "reverence that bordered on religious fervour."
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Woman Crashes Car Into Home After Dog Leaps Into Her Lap Trying To Eat Her Sandwich

You're driving a car....while eating food....while your hungry pooch is sitting in the backseat waiting to strike. It certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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People In Oregon Are Freaking Out Because They Now Have To Pump Their Own Gas, And It's Hilarious!

Up until recently, Oregon and New Jersey were the only states in the country which would not let you pump your own gas.
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Hilarious Dad Dons Black Leotard And Dances To "Single Ladies" With His Daughters

Every Christmas, the Haddad family in Michigan holds an annual "Lip Synch Battle," which in the last few years, has become a pretty competitive affair.
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Hairstylist Arrested After Giving The Worst Haircut Of All Time

We've all had terrible haircuts before. Bad enough to get the hairstylist arrested, however? Well that certainly is up to debate.
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Mariah Carey Took The Stage, Once Again, At New Year's Rockin' Eve, And Absolutely NAILED It!

Celebrating the new year, however, is all about celebrating redemption, and once again, last night Mariah Carey took the stage in the heart of Times Square for another performance.
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