Vegas Gambler Goes Viral For Smoking Cigarette While Wearing Medical Mask

As casinos and hotels in Las Vegas begin to reopen, they have created a new set of guidelines in order to keep customers safe. One of these guidelines is requiring everyone wear a mask inside the casino. While some thought this might end smoking inside casinos, one gambler has gone viral for...
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Court Rules Man Doesn’t Have To Pay 500K After Losing Rock, Paper, Scissors Bet

Plenty of people have made a dumb bet with a friend at one time, but usually the stakes are kept relatively low. However, one man was so confident about his rock, paper, scissors skills; he bet his friend $500K in a best of three match. Luckily for the man, courts have ruled he doesn’t have to pay...
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Gambling Sites Are Taking Bets on How Many People Get COVID-19

Would you put down money to guess how many people get coronavirus? Several illegal gambling sites are taking bets on how many people are getting COVID-19.
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Grasshopper, Summer, Wooden Table, Close Up

“Apocalyptic” Swarm Of Grasshoppers Invade Las Vegas Strip

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas soon, you might want to hold off for a few weeks.
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The University Of Nevada Planning To House Students Inside Hotel And Casino

The University of Nevada, Reno has an immediate need for emergency student housing.
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Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ Edges Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’, Named Greatest Gambling Song Of All Time

Throughout history, there have been a countless amount of great songs about gambling, but one clearly stands out amongst the rest.
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Postal Worker In Louisiana Steals $600K Worth Of Stamps So He Can Go Gambling

A post office manager in Louisiana is being charged after he stole over $600K worth of stamps and sold them online.
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Lewisville Resident Claims $3 Mil Lottery Scratch Ticket Prize

A person from Lewisville the claimed a prize-winning ticket worth $3 million in a Texas Lottery scratch-off ticket.
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