The Offspring

The Offspring Plans Virtual Concert In 'World Of Tanks'

Earlier this month, The Offspring announced that from September 18 through October 7, the band will be holding a virtual concert inside of the popular online multi-player game ''World of Tanks''.
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Southwest Airlines planes

Southwest Airlines Agent Played Games With Passengers To Pass Time During A Flight Delay

A Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando, Florida to Washington DC was delayed for 3 hours. The gate agent came up with a game to help pass the time and all the passengers loved it.
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National Spelling Bee logo

Adults-Only Spelling Bee Starts This Week In Dallas, And Yes, There Will Be Alcohol

This is the event I've been dreaming about. Finally something that combines my only two talents: drinking and spelling. As mentioned many times before, I'm a dork. So, yes, I competed in our sixth grade spelling bee at Butler Elementary in Arlington. I came in second place, losing to Arvind Jairam...
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'Fortnite' Is Causing Divorces

We've seen it all before. Every so often, a new gaming obsession emerges and seems to cause all kinds of mayhem.
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Bumper Cars, Colorful, Amusement Park

Woman Filmed Driving Bumper Car Down Busy Highway

A woman in China was, thankfully, pulled over by police after motorists noticed her (she stood out) driving a tiny bumper car down a very real, very busy highway.
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Colorful, Bouncy House, Castle

You Can Now Rent An Adult-Sized Bouncy Castle For Your Wedding!

There were few things more magical as a kid than a bouncy house. Nowadays, it's "frowned upon" for adults to jump in them, especially if you have to knock over a few kids while doing so. But hey, there still fun, and adults like to have fun. Well A Wedding Wonderland, a family-owned wedding company...
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