Disney Princess Goldfish Crackers Are Coming Soon

Disney Princess Goldfish Crackers are coming out this summer. The snack will be shaped like some of the studio’s iconic characters and sold exclusively at Target.
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Cheetos Loving Squirrel Frequents Playground Waiting For Cheesy Snacks

Cheetos are one of those addictive snacks that once you start, it’s hard to put the bag down. Apparently squirrels go through the same struggles. A squirrel that frequents a playground in Seattle is known for her love of Cheetos and Goldfish, and she even gets a little aggressive when she can’t get...
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Man Catches 20-Pound Goldfish Using A Biscuit As Bait

Hunter Anderson has heard his fair share of fishing stories, but he assures us that there is no “faking this kind of fish.”
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