The Goonies


Creator Of ‘The Goldbergs,’ Adam F. Goldberg, Reveals He Has Been Working On A ‘Goonies’ Sequel

For years, fans have asked for a sequel to the beloved 80’s movie, ‘The Goonies.’ While plenty of rumors have swirled about potential projects, nothing has come to fruition, leaving ‘Goonies’ fans with only the original film to watch.
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Steven Spielberg Joined ‘Goonies’ Zoom Chat Reunion And Discussed Possible Sequel

Watching television interviews take place over Zoom may be starting to get a bit old for some, but fans of ‘The Goonies’ got the video conferencing interview they’ve been waiting for this week. Actor Josh Gad held a reunion with some of the cast and crew of the classic movie on his new YouTube...
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Sean Astin

Check Out Sean Astin's Original Goonies Audition Tape

Actor Sean Astin posts his original 'Goonies' audition tape.
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Kids to Attempt Frame-by-Frame Remake of 'The Goonies' in New Fox Drama

’The Goonies’ is getting a remake, — well, sort of. A new television drama ordered by Fox will focus on kids attempting a frame-by-frame remake of the classic ‘80s film.
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Cory Feldman

Corey Feldman Sets The Record Straight, Says A Goonies Sequel Isn’t Happening

Actor Corey Feldman made it clear that a Goonies sequel is not happening anytime soon.
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Check Out This Photo Of ‘The Goonies’ Cast From 1985 Vs 2019

You’re never too old to get together with some friends and look for buried treasure. It has been 33 years since ‘The Goonies’ was in theaters, but the classic movie is still influencing kids to embrace their adventurous side.
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Sean Austin

Sean Astin Says Goonies 2 Probably Won’t Happen, But Is Down For A Reboot

While doing press for his new Netflix series actor Sean Austin said he doesn’t think a Goonies sequel will ever happen.
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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Josh Brolin On His Birthday With A Goonies Portrait

Instagram exists only for Ryan Reynolds trolling skills. The man is a master! No celebrity is off limits.
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