Old People Dancing

96-Year-Old Grandma Busts A Move At Her Great-Nephews Wedding

Video of this grandma dancing at her great-nephews' wedding goes viral.
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Grandmother Breastfeeds Own Granddaughter. Yes, We're Serious.

I can't make this stuff up, but luckily it's in Missouri, and not Florida where I would expect this story to come from. Julia Cannons is 21 from St Louis, Missouri, and her mom Angela Owens who's 47, alternate feeding Julia's 10-month-old daughter Naomi. Yes, you read that right. The mother AND...
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North Texas Grandma Is Rescued After Getting Stuck On An Iceberg

A grandmother from North Texas got dragged out to sea while trying to snap a picture of her self on an iceberg.
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Grandma in a Wheelchair

Grandma Rides In The Back Of A Pick Up While In Her Wheelchair

Footage was taken of a woman riding in the back of a pickup truck while in a wheelchair.
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Casserole, White Dish, Wooden Table

CorningWare Relaunches Iconic Blue Cornflower Cookware To Celebrate 60th Anniversary

You may not remember it by name, but you'll certainly remember that iconic blue cornflower.
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Granny Makes The Perfect Burger Using Nothing But Awesome Trick Shots

How hard is it to make a burger? Throw some meat on the grill and you're done right? WRONG!
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