pickles, kool-aid, sugar, koolickles, gross

Koolickles? Why Would Someone Do This?

Some are saying this isn't a new trend. Some are saying they've been doing this since they were kids. WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?? Here's the ingredients: Pickles, Kool-Aid, Sugar. Soak for 3-6 days. Then "Enjoy." NOPE! I'm all for living back in the greatest part of our country, partially because you...
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Watch Kobe Bryant Eat A Water Scorpion And Tell Us Who The Best NBA Player Is

James Corden is one sick man, in the best possible way. I had never heard of this game he plays until today, and to be completely honest, I had to watch it in 3 parts. I couldn't keep my breakfast down. The segment is "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts," this time with Kobe Bryant & Cara...
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Plane, Flight, Passengers, Sitting, Interior

Passenger Who Couldn’t Stop Farting Forces Plane To Make Emergency Landing

We all have been on a horrible flight at one time or another.
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Used Tissues, Box, Wooden Table

Company Selling Used Tissues For $80 Claiming They Prevent The Flu

Nobody wants to get the flu, but are you willing to go this far to prevent it?
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Doorbell, Push, Home, Finger

Security Camera Captures Man Licking Stranger’s Doorbell For Three Straight Hours

Police in California are trying to track down a man for one of the most unusual "crimes" you'll ever see.
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Ants, Anthill, Swarm

12-Year-Old Girl Has Had 1,000 Ants Removed From Her Ear Since August

Doctors have never seen anything like they are experiencing with Shreya Darji.
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Airplane, Cabin, Seats, Empty

Man Claims He Was Forced To Sit In Dog Poop For Duration Of Flight

Now we've all had horrible flying experiences before. This one might be the worst.
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Baby, Stomach, Infant, Newborn, Umbilical Cord

Mothers Are Starting To Wear Necklaces Made From Their Childs' Umbilical Cords

The fashion world is ever-changing it seems.
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People Eating Soup

Video Goes Viral Of A Man Seen Eating Soup Directly From The Pot At The Grocery Store

A video has gone viral of a man eating soup straight from the ladle at the soup bar.
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Rat, Mouse, Rodent, Cute

Girl Lets Pet Rat "Clean" And Lick Her Teeth Clean

Admit it. You let your pet get away with WAY more than probably should be allowed.
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