Mouse Droppings Found Baked Into Pizza From Little Caeser's

A Little Caesars in Indianapolis, IN has been recently shut down by the health department after a couple found mouse droppings baked into the crust of their pizza. Johnathan McNeil said after he and his girlfriend left with their pizza, she noticed something wrong about their food. “She looked at...
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Sushi Lover Visits Hospital With Stomach Pains, Doctors Pull Five Foot Tapeworm From Intestine

A California man who ate sushi every single day visited the emergency room complaining of stomach pains and a bloody stool. Yes, we know that's gross.
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Man Rips Hole In Throat Trying To Stifle A Sneeze

Maybe next time you feel a sneeze coming on, just let it happen. Don't try to stop it after its begun.
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United Airlines Flight Diverted to Alaska Because Passenger Was 'Smearing Feces Everywhere'

What a start to the new year for United!
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