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Man Currently Trying To Break World Record By Watching ‘Tenet’ 120 Times In A Row

Records are meant to be broken; some just take a little more effort than others. While most Guinness World Records are impressive feats, there are plenty of achievements that seem too easy not to attempt. In Canada, a man is currently attempting to break a little effort record, it just may take...
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The Guinness World Record For World's Tallest Mohawk Has Been Broken

Breaking a world record is always a great accomplishment, and while some records are more impressive than others, and some are just plain weird, having the title of a Guinness World Record holder is a badge of honor many strive for.
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Teen Breaks Guinness World Record For Fastest Time To Solve A Rubik’s Cube While On A Pogo Stick

Breaking a world record is a great accomplishment, but some tasks are more impressive than others. When it comes to completing a Rubik’s Cube, most are impressed when someone can finish the puzzle, especially at rapid speed. Now, a new record has been broken involving a Rubik’s Cube, as a teenager...
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The World’s Largest Swing Opens In China And It Looks Terrifying

For most thrill seekers, roller coasters and amusement park rides are nothing to be scared of. However, a new swing ride that debuted in China this week has even the bravest thinking twice. The “king of all swings” is the tallest swing ever at 30 stories high, and it sits on the edge of a 2,300ft...
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103-Year-Old Man Breaks Record for Oldest Tandem Skydive

A 103-year-old man jumped from 14,000 feet and straight into the Guinness World Record book. Al Blaschke is officially the oldest man to successfully complete a tandem parachute jump. Watch the video and read the full story now.
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Man Breaks World Record By Creating Batman Costume With 30 Working Gadgets

While the internet will forever be in constant debate over whether Batman is a superhero or a vigilante, due to his lack of super powers, fans still loved the caped Crusader. This could be because he is the only comic hero who humans could actually become if they had the money and fighting skills.
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Woman Breaks World Record For The Largest Overdue Library Book Fine

Libraries may not be as prominent as they once were, but that hasn’t stopped them from cracking down on late fees for overdue books. A woman in Illinois has broken the Guinness world record for the largest fine paid from an overdue library book. She paid $345 after returning a book originally due...
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Texas Husband and Wife Named World's Oldest Couple

Two college sweethearts who met in 1934 have been awarded with the title of world’s oldest living married couple. With a combined age of 211, John Henderson, 106, and wife Charlotte, 105, were bestowed the honor by Guinness World Records, according to “ Today .” Husband, 106, and wife, 105, are...
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Texas Longhorn, Longhorn, Horns, Sky, Prairie,Grass, Field

Texas Longhorn Sets World Record For Longest Horns

When we say everything is bigger in Texas, we mean EVERYTHING.
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Florida Man Tries Setting Record For Most Times Watching ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Some world records are worthy and inspiring, and some just leave you asking; why? A man in Florida is on a mission to set a new record for most time having watched ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ He currently sits at 114 times seeing the Marvel movie, and he doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.
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