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Researchers Develop Eye Drops That Could Eliminate Need For Glasses

Researchers from the Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University are convinced they are on the verge of an alternative to glasses, contacts, and Lasik for people with poor vision. The team recently released a report of their work on eye drops infused with"nanoparticles." These eye drops...
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Director Kevin Smith Suffers Near Fatal Heart Attack After Stand-Up Set

Actor and director Kevin Smith was slated to perform two stand up sets at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California.
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Nutritionist Claims Pizza A Healthier Breakfast Option Than Cereal

Hey, cold pizza for breakfast isn't anything to be ashamed about, anymore. Really, we've never been ashamed EVER!
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Woman Has Balloons Implanted Under Face To Expand Skin For Birthmark Removal

23-year-old Xiao Yan was born with a rare mole covering her face.
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Sushi Lover Visits Hospital With Stomach Pains, Doctors Pull Five Foot Tapeworm From Intestine

A California man who ate sushi every single day visited the emergency room complaining of stomach pains and a bloody stool. Yes, we know that's gross.
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Jane Fonda Reveals Small Cancerous Growth Appeared On Lower Lip

During the appearance, Fonda was sporting a small bandage on her lower lip, which she soon revealed was due to the removal of a small cancer growth.
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Man Rips Hole In Throat Trying To Stifle A Sneeze

Maybe next time you feel a sneeze coming on, just let it happen. Don't try to stop it after its begun.
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Latest "Health" Trend Involves Drinking Completely Untreated, Dirty Water

As if water wasn't already "raw" enough, people are actually drinking totally raw, unfiltered, untreated, essentially DIRTY water, all in the name of "health."
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