Man Causes In Home Explosion While Chasing A Fly With An Electric Fly Swatter

There may be nothing more annoying than sitting down for a meal, only to be interrupted by a fly constantly swarming the plate of food. For one man in France, he decided to take matters into his own hands, going after the fly with an electric fly swatter.
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Kim Kardashian May Be Launching Her Own Home Goods Collection

While Kim Kardashian West has been known for selling makeup and clothes, the star is now trying a home goods collection. Legal documents say the 39-year-old will reveal plans.
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See the 'Skinny House' That's Going Viral on Social Media

Some people can’t seem to believe how a home this narrow home could actually be so spacious. The “skinny house” in Deerfield, Ill. has become a viral hit on social media.
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12 Stylish Pieces of Furniture That Will Make a Statement in Your Home

If you’d like to give your home a makeover but aren’t ready to commit to all new furniture and paint, consider investing in some statement furniture. Check out some of our favorite pieces, from platform beds to side tables and more!
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11 Items to Deck Out Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Make the most out of your outdoor space and turn it into your own personal oasis! From whimsical decorations to fun toys for kids, here are items you can purchase to deck out your backyard or balcony.
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San Diego Comic-Con@Home Will be in July - and It's Free for All

San Diego Comic-Con is going to be online, free for everyone and you can participate from home. San Diego Comic-Con was canceled in April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Dad Uses Doorbell Camera to Talk to His Daughter at College Every Day

A father in Pennsylvania is sharing his heartwarming way of staying in touch with his daughter while she is away from home in pharmacy school.
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Black Cocker Spaniel

Dog Makes Such A Huge Mess Owners Believed The House Was Burglarized

A family in England left their dog home while they went shopping, they returned only to find their house ransacked.
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Cookie Monster, Cookie, Portrait, Studio, Pose, Sesame Street

Woman Turns Front Door Into Gigantic Cookie Monster For Halloween

A woman in Pennsylvania went all-out for her INCREDIBLE Halloween decoration.
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Tyler Seguin

Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin, Home Damaged By Sundays Tornado

The Dallas Stars Center sent out a tweet letting everyone know he was okay.
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