Hotel In Indonesia Offers Poolside Puppies!

Yep! Sign me up for this vaca! A hotel in Indonesia offers poolside puppy therapy to their guests!
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Alba, The Only Known Albino Orangutan In The World, Has Been Released Into An Indonesian Jungle

The world’s only known albino orangutan has been returned to its natural habitat, after more than a year of being treated by the Borneo Orangutan Survival foundation. Alba, the albino orangutan, was found last year in an Indonesia village dehydrated and starving.
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While Checking Her Garden Woman Gets Eaten By Python

While checking on her vegetable garden, a woman in Indonesia was swallowed by a 23 foot long python.
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Performing Monkey Dressed As A Little Girl Is Simply Terrifying

This is terrifying!
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Video: Orangutan Smokes Lit Cigarette Thrown Into Zoo Enclosure

Animal activists are outraged after video shows an orangutan smoking a lit cigarette after it was thrown into its enclosure at an Indonesia zoo.
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