Man Uses Fake ID From SuperBad To Get Into Bar

A man was arrested because he was using a fake ID to get into a bar the interesting part is that the ID was from the movie "Superbad" that he bought on Amazon.
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Senior Citizens Go Viral With Hilarious “Back To School” Advice

As children begin to head back to school, more and more proud parents are posting “back to school” photos of their young one’s before heading out for their first day of the new school year. One of the more popular trends has kids posing with “back to school” boards, including their name, age, class...
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Baseball field

MLB To Host A Game At The Iconic Field Of Dreams Site Next Season

The New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox will be the first MLB teams to play in Iowa at the newly constructed field.
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Tornado, Clouds, Weather, Dark Sky, Plains, Tornado Alley

Little League Baseball Team Practices Despite A Huge Tornado Forming Behind Them

We’ve experienced our fair share of tornadoes in our time.
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Driver Speeding In Ferrari Gives Worst Excuse Possible

States like Iowa are usually known for having wide open roads, but it doesn't necessarily mean you should unleash your sports car on them.
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