The Kentucky Derby Has Been Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus has taken out yet another huge event, as it was announced on Tuesday that the Kentucky Derby will be postponed. The announcement was made via teleconference Tuesday morning after rumors of the cancellation circulated late Monday night.
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Unlucky Fugitive Gets Arrested Picking Up Pizza Order At The Same Time As Sheriff

When it comes to pizza, there isn’t much that can go wrong, but for one criminal, his pizza cravings may have been what did him in. The Kentucky man had stopped at a pizzeria to pick up a pie, but unlucky for him, a police officer happened to be picking up pizza at the same time.
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Man Fired Gun At National Park Claiming To Have Seen Bigfoot

Potential Bigfoot sightings are exciting for those that think they may have spotted the sasquatch. For the people not involved in the hunt, it’s those chasing the cryptozoological mystery that brings the excitement.
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Goldfish, Fish, Pet, Bowl, Close Up

Man Catches 20-Pound Goldfish Using A Biscuit As Bait

Hunter Anderson has heard his fair share of fishing stories, but he assures us that there is no “faking this kind of fish.”
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[PHOTO] Police In Kentucky 'Mourn' The Loss Of Doughnut Truck That Caught Fire

This is too funny!
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Goats on a highway

Police Used BBQ Fritos To Lure Some Horny Goats Off The Highway

Police in Kentucky used BBQ potato chips to catch some goats on the side of a highway.
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Inmates Breakout Of Jail By Hiding In Trash Cans

Arrest warrants have been issued for two inmates who escaped via trashcan.
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Student With Down Syndrome Becomes Spelling Bee Champ, Advances To Regionals

This is, without a doubt, the best story you'll see all day.
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