Colorful, Bouncy House, Castle

You Can Now Rent An Adult-Sized Bouncy Castle For Your Wedding!

There were few things more magical as a kid than a bouncy house. Nowadays, it's "frowned upon" for adults to jump in them, especially if you have to knock over a few kids while doing so. But hey, there still fun, and adults like to have fun. Well A Wedding Wonderland, a family-owned wedding company...
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Police, Squad, Cars, Red, Blue, Lights

Police Department Updates Squad Cars To Read "Popo" To Better Relate To Youths

In order to better relate to younger residents, the Bath Township Police Department in Michigan decided to update its squad cars.
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Baseball, Running, Kid

Coach Told His Player To Run Home As Fast As He Could. He Did The Exact Opposite! (Hilarious Video)

He even shrugged away his coach after he walked over to try and hurry him along!
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Jack In The Box

Watch These Kids React In Horror To The Dreaded Jack In The Box

Age doesn't matter when it comes to a Jack in the Box. It's hands down the most terrifying toy of all time. Even when you know Jack is going to pop out at you, it's scary. The anticipation alone will kill you!
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Preschool, Daycare, Students, Playing, Drawing

Preschool Bans The Term "Best Friend" For Being Exclusionary

The administration believes the term "best friend" can be exclusionary to the students who do not have a best friend, and could ultimately lead to "the formation of cliques and outsiders." The school encourages its students to "have a wider group of friends."
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Kim Kardashian And Kayne West

This Is The Best Easter Pic Kim Kardashian Could Get Of Her Family Before All 3 Kids Started Crying

Let's be real, it's incredibly difficult to snag the perfect family photo when you have kiddos. Apparently, that rule holds true even for celebrity kids. Including Kim acustomed kids who are pretty accustomed to getting their pictures made.
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Easter Bunny,Scarry,Video,Elementary School,Kids,Terrified,Funny,Costume,Surprise,ALT 103.7

VIDEO: Easter Bunny Accidentally Terrifies Elementary School Students

An Easter Bunny showed up to surprise an elementary school class, and it did not go well...
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Easter Bunny

Check Out The Creepiest Easter Bunny Pics Of All Time

Move over Santa, there's a new creeper in town.
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Eight Things From The '80s Parents Are Keeping Alive For Their Kids

Lori Ferraro is a writer and actor who grew up in the '80s and now, her kids have become OBSESSED with the decade! They like to flip through all her photo books and love the "over-the-top-ness" of all the pictures, "mainly the hair" according to her.
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New Study Shows Kids Can't Hold A Pencil Right Anymore Due To Over Use Of Tech

A new study conducted by a group of doctors reports young children are unable to correctly hold a pencil due to over use of digital technology. “Children are not coming into school with the hand strength and dexterity they had 10 years ago,” pediatric occupational therapist Sally Payne told The...
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