[Video] Deer Runs Through Indiana Grocery Store And Jumps Over Meat Counter

Any time a wild animal gets inside a building, chaos is inevitable. That’s exactly what happened over the weekend when a deer somehow made it inside an Indiana Kroger and began to run wild through the store.
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Kroger Bag

Kroger Will Phase Out Plastic Bags At All Stores By 2025

Kroger orders 6 billion plastic checkout bags annually and plans to start going bag free at its Seattle stores first.
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We Have Our First Homecoming Mum Sighting!

Here we go! It's homecoming mum season y'all! With every year, they get a little bigger and a lot better! Of course, 2018 is no excepetion. With school starting and the first football game being less than a month away, it's time to get those mums on display.
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USDA Issues Alert About Salads, Wraps Due To Parasite Worry

Federal authorities have issued a public health alert about more than two dozen beef, pork and poultry salad and wrap products as a precaution due to possible parasite contamination.
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