Man Almost Loses Chance Of Winning $100,000 After Throwing Away Winning Lottery Ticket

For those obsessed with playing the lottery, throwing away a ticket before confirming a loss is unheard of. One man in South Carolina almost had to learn that lesson the hard way after throwing out a ticket worth $100,000.
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Man Battling Cancer Wins $200,000 Lottery Ticket On His Way To Last Chemo Session

A man battling cancer won a whopping $200,000 on a lottery scratch-off ticket on his way to his last chemotherapy session.
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Woman Wins $50,000 Powerball Prize In Two Different States

Two states. Two lottery tickets. Two winners.
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$1 Million Lottery Ticket Sold In Richardson Remains Unclaimed

A huge sum of cash is waiting in Richardson for someone to pick it up.
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North Carolina Man Diagnosed With Cancer, Wins Lottery

It's difficult to love this story as much as I want to, becuase the overall result makes me so sad. Richard Beare, out of North Carolina just got diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. However, he visited a Quick Trip a couple days ago and grabbed a lottery ticket while he was there because his wife...
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Virginia Woman Wins The Lottery Thirty Times In One Day

A Virginia woman has walked away with a total of $150,000 after striking it lucky with some Pick-4 tickets.
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Man Wins $1 In The Lottery, Insists His Picture Be Taken With A Giant Novelty Check

Tyler Heep is lucky enough to call himself a lottery winner.
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Man Dreams About Being Lucky Then Proceeds To Win A Million Dollar Scratch Off

The next time you have a dream about being lucky or winning something big, you might not want to ignore it.
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Three Weeks Later And Winner Of The 1.5 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot Is Still Unknown

If you've been curious about who won that record breaking mega millions jackpot, you're not alone.
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Powerball $750 Million Prize Goes To Two Winners In Iowa And New York

As if there wasn’t enough lottery disappointment in the last week, Saturday night two more winning numbers were drawn. While not quite the $1.6 billion prize, the $750 million Powerball winnings were the fourth largest in US history.
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