Man Pulled Over For License Plate That Had Been Expired For 23 Years

We’ve all made the mistake of forgetting to do something every once in a while, but for the most part the delay is at most a few days. For one man in Louisiana, he forgot to renew the tags on his license plate for the last 23 years.
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Keanu Reeves Surprises Fan By Leaving A Sweet Note On Her Yard Sign

Keanu Reeves can’t stop winning 2019. The actor has made headlines with incredible performances in movies, and goes viral with seemingly everything he does. That continued this week, when Reeves decided to leave a sweet note on a fan’s yard sign.
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Taco Bell, Sign, California, Hotel, 2005

Police Issue Statement Asking Public Not To Call With Complaints About Taco Bell

Although the police are there to indeed protect and serve, there are some problems that they just don't need to be made aware of.
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chicken nugget, peeling, louisiana, sameer jafri, mconalds

Do You Peel Your Chicken Nuggets? (Yes, You Read That Right.) This Guy Does!

Why on earth would you peel your chicken nuggets it's the best part about eating chicken nuggets someone help me I cant stop this run on sentence. This dude. What is wrong with him? Is this a thing? Do you have friends that you KNOW aren't serial killers that do this? I doubt it. Sameer Jafri, who...
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[Video] Alligator Eats Snake On Shore Of PGA Tournament

Nature can be pretty scary sometimes, especially when alligators are involved. During a professional golf tournament this week, an alligator emerged from the water looking for his next meal. Lucky for the gator, he saw a snake trying to sneak by.
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guy in a gorilla mask

Guy Broke Into A House While Wearing A Gorilla Suit

Police received reports of a person in an all black suit looking through windows in a Louisiana neighborhood.
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Postal Worker In Louisiana Steals $600K Worth Of Stamps So He Can Go Gambling

A post office manager in Louisiana is being charged after he stole over $600K worth of stamps and sold them online.
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Library, Books, Open Book

Man Returns Long Overdue Library Book That His Mom First Checked Out 84 Years Ago

The Shreve Memorial Library only charges $.05 a day for an overdue book. And luckily, they cap their overdue fees at a max of $3.
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Swarming Mayflies Will Give You Nightmares

Back in 2012, Texas experienced one of the most insane cricket mating seasons of all time. Crickets were EVERYWHERE! You couldn't get out of the car without getting hit by a few. It was the Texas equivalent of the famous bug tunnel in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
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WATCH: Louisiana Teacher Arrested For Asking Why Superintendent Got a Raise, While Teachers Haven't Gotten a Raise in Years

A Vermilion Parish teacher was arrested at the School Board Meeting last night during the open discussion about the Superintendent's new contract.
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