Mannequin, Dummy, Beanie, Hat, Sunglasses, Winter Jacket

Man Caught Dressing Dummy In Order To Drive In The HOV Lane

Police in Long Island pulled over a man for a “suspicious” looking character in his front seat.
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Mannequin in a car

Arizona Man Busted Using A Mannequin As A Passenger In HOV Lane

Police in Arizona pulled over a driver who was trying to skirt the law. We've all joked that we would put a blow-up doll in the front seat so we could fly through the HOV lane, but this man actually did it . He was pulled over by the Department of Public Safety with a mannequin strapped in the...
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Watch: Little Girl Doesn't Want To Leave Store For Funny Reason

While at a department store in Alabama, this little girl wasn't ready to leave just yet when her mom said it was time to go.
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