My Chemical Romance And Metallica Mash-Up Goes Viral

There are plenty of crossover fans between My Chemical Romance and Metallica, but most wouldn’t think to put the two groups together. Still, one fan made the attempt with a mash up song that has since gone viral. The song features one of each band’s biggest hits.
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Dave Grohl

Mash-Up Of The Foo Fighters 'All My Life' And 'The Circle Of Life' Is Brilliant

One of the most iconic songs ever, mixed with a Foo Fighters classic is the perfect combination.
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Mark Hoppus on stage

Here's What To Expect When Blink-182 And Lil Wayne Tour Together

When news came out that blink-182 and Lil Wayne were planning a tour together, the world was shook. People thought the two musical genres would clash so the band and rapper decided to put those fears to rest. In this video, blink-182 plays their chart-topping hit "What's My Age Again" while Tunechi...
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An Artist Put Star Wars Characters Into Iconic Album Covers, And It’s Awesome

Great music has the ability to reach unlimited distances, even out to a galaxy far, far away. Just like great music, great movies have the ability to create insane fandom. One of the best examples of this is Star Wars.
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