People Are Brushing Their Teeth More After Noticing How Bad Their Breath Is While Wearing A Mask

No one wants to be around someone with bad breath, but most of the time the people don’t even realize how bad their breath is. However, with people wearing masks out in public due to the coronavirus, many are now realizing just how bad their breath actually is.
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Dentists Claim Wearing A Mask Is Leading To Dental Hygiene Issues Called “Mask Mouth”

Wearing a mask in public has become the norm, as people look to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus. However, while most are now on board with wearing a mask in public, masks have apparently now created an entire new set of problems.
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What Causes Nasty Mask Breath?

Wearing masks may have made you take notice of something with which you’ve never thought was a problem: bad breath. A dentist reveals why and how to remedy the side effect.
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Las Vegas Casinos Offering Patrons $20 Gaming Credit To Wear A Mask

When it comes to gamblers, it usually doesn’t take much to get them to a casino. However, since Las Vegas reopened, many casinos have implemented new safety measures that have largely been ignored. Now, some casinos are offering an incentive, giving gamblers $20 as long as they wear a mask.
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Vegas Gambler Goes Viral For Smoking Cigarette While Wearing Medical Mask

As casinos and hotels in Las Vegas begin to reopen, they have created a new set of guidelines in order to keep customers safe. One of these guidelines is requiring everyone wear a mask inside the casino. While some thought this might end smoking inside casinos, one gambler has gone viral for...
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Company Creates Masks Equipped With Zippers

A Texas company has come up with the perfect mask to be worn when venturing into restaurants and bars. The masks have a zipper for ease of drinking and eating.
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Man, Prison, Cell, Hands, Steel Bars

Gang Leader Dresses Up As Daughter In Failed Attempt To Escape From A Brazilian Prison

Clauvino da Silva attempted to escape the Brazilian prison he was being held captive in Sunday afternoon.
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Creepy Clown

Principal Chases Down Creepy Clown That Was Scaring Students After School

A student in a clown mask had been chasing kids on their way home from school in Aurora, Colorado.
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Halloween, Masks, Scary, Store

Mom Punches Son Trying To Pull Prank With Scary Mask Right In The Face

Sons, let this be a lesson to all you out there. If your mom has dynamite reflexes, it’s probably best not to try and pull a prank on her.
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Jamacia,Mask,Hide,Emoji,Million,Jackpot,Lottery,Winner,Identity,Funny,ALT 103.7

Lottery Winner Hides Identity With Hilarious Emoji Mask

This woman knows winning the lottery can put as massive target on your back.
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