Thousands To Attend Revenge BBQ Outside Vegan Woman’s Home

Revenge is a dish best served as barbeque, or at least that’s the case for thousands of people who are planning to attend a BBQ in Australia. Cilla Carden, who lives in Perth, made news recently after taking her neighbor to court over the smell of fish cooking on the grill.
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Doctors Say Parents Who Raise Their Kids As Vegans Should Be Prosecuted

A group of Belgian doctors is raising quite a stir with his controversial views on veganism.
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Cow That Escaped Truck Heading To Slaughterhouse Gives Birth At Animal Sanctuary Two Days Later

Briana the cow jumped off a truck on Route 80 in New Jersey as it was heading to a slaughterhouse.
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Raw Meat, Steak

Raw Meat Vending Machines Offer Steak, Sausages, And Pork 24/7

Have you ever felt lost and hopeless craving a nice juicy steak at three in the morning, and have nowhere to go?
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Someone Decided To Make A Spam Cocktail Because There Aren't Enough Gross Things In Life

It's officially Spam restaurant month and throughout August, some restaurants are serving some pretty interesting things inspired by the canned meat.
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Meat Roasting On An Open Fire Looks Like E.T.

OMG! There's a solid chance we ate E.T. for dinner.
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