2-Month-Old Dies of Coronavirus in Michigan

A 2-month-old infant in Michigan has become the youngest person ever to die from coronavirus, per the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
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Officials 'Strongly Recommend' Michigan State Students Self-Quarantine After COVID-19 Surge

The Ingham County Health Department is asking all Michigan State University students living in East Lansing to self-quarantine after hundreds of people affiliated with the school (mostly students) tested positive for COVID-19.
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Escape 2020 and Travel Back to the 70s at the Miller Timeshare

Wishing you could escape all the negativity 2020 has brought to a happier, more positive time? Well, Miller Lite has just the thing with its Miller Timeshare, modeled after 1975. Read more now.
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Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty After 210 Cats Found

A southwest Michigan woman has been charged with animal cruelty after authorities took away more than 210 cats that were found in two of her homes.
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Bored Jeweler Decides To Close Shop, Bury Inventory And Sell Treasure Maps

With plenty of people still on lockdown, many are looking for new hobbies to help pass the time. Luckily, a jeweler in Michigan that was looking for a way to spark business just came up with a way to give people a chance to relive a childhood dream.
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5-Year-Old Girl Dies From Coronavirus, Becomes Michigan’s Youngest Victim

The youngest person claimed by COVID-19 in Michigan has died. Skylar Herbert lost her battle at only 5 years old and is now the state’s youngest victim.
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Michigan To Allow Curbside Pickup For Marijuana Stores During COVID-19 Outbreak

There a number of industries that have been dramatically affected by the coronavirus outbreak. With customers stuck at home, many businesses are looking for ways to stay afloat during these confusing times.
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People Disgusted After Video Goes Viral Showing A Man Bathing In Wendy’s Kitchen Sink

When it comes to viral videos, the last place anyone wants to see something gross happen is in a restaurant kitchen. That’s why so many online are disgusted after video of a man bathing in a Wendy’s kitchen sink went viral recently.
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Man Catches WWI Era Grenade While Fishing

Anyone who has gone fishing has experienced reeling in the line only to find something other than a fish on the hook. While usually this leads to disappointment, for one fisherman in Michigan it led to a once in a lifetime find.
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5 Year Old Boy Called 911 To Order McDonalds, And Police Actually Delivered His Food

During a hunger emergency, some cravings are too hard to ignore. A 5 year old in Michigan had a hankering for some McDonalds on Sunday, but when he saw his grandmother was asleep, he took things into his own hands.
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