Survey Reveals Americans Throw Away Almost $12,000 Of Toilet Paper In Their Lifetime

Back in March, a toilet paper shortage sent a panic across the country, as people looked to stock up on the bathroom necessity. Luckily, toilet paper is now back on shelves and everyone can go back to using as much as needed. Apparently that’s quite a bit, as a new survey revealed Americans will...
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Survey Reveals The Average American Has $199 Of Unused Tech In Their Homes

As technology improves people tend to hold on to old items instead of throwing them away. This is usually due to the high cost a particular item had when initially purchased. However, a new survey revealed that Americans are sitting on $43 billion in cash by continuing to store these items, instead...
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Online Calculator Shows People How Much Money They Are Saving While Quarantined

With so many people stuck at home under quarantine, it’s been pretty difficult to find a positive outlook. However one positive of the current situation is; with restaurants and bars closed, and most people no longer traveling to work, people are actually saving money.
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Man In Kansas City Offering $25K To Anyone That Finds Him A Girlfriend

How far would you go to find love?
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Cast of Friends

‘Friends’ Reunion Special Put On Hold Due To Financial Disagreements

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. studio and the cast of ‘Friends’ can’t come to a financial agreement regarding the reunion special.
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The World’s Most Expensive Thanksgiving Dinner Costs $181,000

If you still don’t have Thanksgiving plans, and have money to spend, this may be the perfect option. A steakhouse in New York is offering a Thanksgiving experience worth $181,000.
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Bruce Springsteen Belongs To A Gym In New Jersey That Only Costs $9.99 A Month

Bruce Springsteen has made millions throughout his career, so it may come as a surprise to some fans that the boss is actually quite frugal. At 70 years old, Springsteen is still going strong making music and performing all around the world, and in order to do so, he has to make sure he stays fit.
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Blowtorch, Flame, Manual Gas Burner

Burglars Trying To Use Blowtorch To Break Into ATM Accidentally Weld It Shut

Two Florida men came up with the bright idea to break into an ATM with the aid of a blowtorch.
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Man, Cell Phone, Phone, Outdoors, Smart Phone, Hands, Close Up

Company Offering $1,000 To Anyone Willing To Spend The Weekend Without Their Phone

This dream job can be yours, as long as you’re willing to part with your phone that is.
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Fried Bacon, Wooden Cutting Board, Fork, Knife

Burger Chain Wants To Pay You $1,000 To Taste-Test All Their Bacon

Being a “Bacon Intern” sounds like a job too good to be true. Well that’s exactly what the burger chain Farmer Boys is looking for. The California chain is looking for a Bacon Intern to taste-test all of their bacon-filled dishes. The eight-hour shift will net you all the bacon you could eat, plus...
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