Woman Goes Viral For Recreating Famous Movie Sets For Her Pet Hamster

With plenty of people still stuck at home, many are looking for new hobbies to pass the time. While some hobbies are weirder than others, every activity seemingly has multiple people to share in that interest. However, one woman may have a little trouble finding people with the same interest as her...
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Top 20 List Names The Greatest Time Travel Movie Of All Time

Time travel is a theme Hollywood has gone to many times before, and will continue doing so in the future. It is a concept that intrigues many and is beloved by fans, especially sci-fi lovers. Some of the greatest movies of all time incorporate time travel, and now there is definitive list that...
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When Movie And Television Filming Returns, Hollywood Plans To Use CGI Sex Scene To Avoid Contact

Just like many other businesses, the film and television industry has been on halt since March. Now, as the industry is set to reopen production on June 12th, new guidelines are being put into place in order to keep the cast and crew safe. Apparently this will include some movies and television...
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Texas Realtor And His Kids Wear Darth Vader Suits To Help Sell A Million Dollar Home

A Texas realtor got creative and enlisted the help of his kids and friend to help sell a million dollar home during these odd times.
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Sean Astin

Check Out Sean Astin's Original Goonies Audition Tape

Actor Sean Astin posts his original 'Goonies' audition tape.
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Cast of Zombieland Double Tap

Original ‘Zombieland’ Script Included A Cameo From Patrick Swayze Instead Of Bill Murray

One of the writers for 'Zombieland' has taken to Twitter to reveal some behind the scenes secrets.
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Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Says He Wants To Play Kurt Cobain In A Nirvana Biopic

During a recent interview, ‘Westworld’ actor Aaron Paul said he's always dreamed of portraying Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in a movie.
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Mandy Moore and Rapunzel

Disney Fans Point Out That ‘Tangled’ Predicted The Coronavirus

People have noticed a lot of similarities between what we’ve been going through lately and Disney’s animated movie ‘Tangled’.
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Frozen 2

In Wake Of The Coronavirus ‘Frozen 2’ Was Added To Disney+ Early

To help make life a little more enjoyable Disney has decided to add ‘Frozen 2’ to their streaming service early.
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Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler Quoted ‘300’ While Lighting The Olympic Torch In Sparta

Actor Gerard Butler was given the task of carrying the Olympic flame in Sparta, Greece and of course, he said his iconic line.
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