The Mystery Of The Montana Werewolf Is Finally Solved As DNA Tests Comes Back

DNA tests have now determined the true identity of that mysterious werewolf that was shot back in May.
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Abandoned, Pay Phone, Brick Wall

Mystery Artist Turning Abandoned Dallas Payphones Into Art

Payphones are a relic of times past. You still might see one every once in a while, but they are out of order, unkempt, and generally an eyesore.
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Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco, Singing, Microphone

Why Are Fans Of Panic! At The Disco Mysteriously Receiving Potatoes In The Mail?

If you're a fan of Panic! at the Disco, you may want to pay special attention to your mailbox over the next few days.
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Argentina,Santa Fe,South America,Monster,Mystery,Beast,Video,Aswang,Chupacabra,Demon,ALT 103.7

[VIDEO] Mysterious 'Chupacabra' Monster Is Terrorizing Argentina

A mysterious animal described by some as "half human, half animal” has been spotted wandering around Santa Fe, Argentina. One brave Santa Fe resident was able to capture the creature on camera, after it had reportedly killed two dogs, a German shepherd and a pit bull. Video of Argentina: Strange...
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Resurfaced Letter Suggests Trio Of Alcatraz Prisoners Survived 1962 Escape And Swam To Safety

It is one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries. For now at least.
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