Neighbor Goes Viral After Leaving A Message On Person’s Car Exposing Cheating Boyfriend

No one wants to find out their significant other is cheating on them, especially from the person they are cheating with. Still, one person recently had to find out the hard way, after their neighbor left a note on their car exposing the cheating boyfriend. Luckily someone decided to share a photo...
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Parking Dispute Leads To Man Building Scaffolding Around Neighbor’s Car

Potential homeowners are always in search of their dream home, but even when the perfect house is found; those living next door may make the experience a nightmare. Neighbors fight over a number of things, but for a neighborhood in the UK, a parking dispute has officially reached new heights.
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Man Calls Out Neighbor’s “Pettiness” For Only Mowing Portion of Shared Lawn

It seems in just about every community, there is battle between neighbors taking place. No matter how perfect a home is, it can all be ruined by unruly people next door. One man in England recently started a war with his neighbor over mowing their shared lawn, and the tweets showing off his...
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Wyoming Neighborhood Not Thrilled Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Moving In

Plenty of people have dealt with bad neighbors, but one should never judge a new neighbor before they even move in. However, when those new neighbors are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, most have an opinion about the celebrity couple already.
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Thousands To Attend Revenge BBQ Outside Vegan Woman’s Home

Revenge is a dish best served as barbeque, or at least that’s the case for thousands of people who are planning to attend a BBQ in Australia. Cilla Carden, who lives in Perth, made news recently after taking her neighbor to court over the smell of fish cooking on the grill.
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Ed Sheeran Buys All The Properties Around His House To Stop His Neighbors' Noise Complaints

Ed Sheeran. Singer, songwriter...real estate mogul?
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Car Burglar, Robbery, Break In, Mask, Screwdriver, Thief, Car Thief

Frustrated Neighbors Tired Of The Constant Burglaries Tackle Thief Trying To Break Into Cars

A group of neighbors in a Milwaukee were tired of the constant burglaries.
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Woman's "Flintstones House" Draws The Ire Of Neighbors And City Officials Who Are Planning To Sue

This is a page right out of history!
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Man Displays Naked Mannequins In His Yard After Neighbors Complain His Fence Is Too High

Jason Windus was tired of the complaints.
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Have You Ever Traveled Across The Country To Reunite With Your Favorite Dogs?

In our past life, my son and myself lived in Los Angeles. It wasn't easy making friends, or meeting new people there with our schedules. However, we did see our neighbors quite a bit. They were really great people, but they had these two dogs. One was named Margaret, and one Tyrone. Margaret was a...
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