New Zealand


Hilarious Internet Safety Video Has Pornstars Telling Mother Her Son Is Watching Them Online

For as great as the internet is most of the time, it can become a terrifying place very quickly. That’s why the New Zealand government has started an ad campaign focused on protecting children from the harm of the internet. Their latest video targeted pornography, and while it may not prevent...
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Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy Are 'Essential Workers,' Says New Zealand Prime Minister

Leaders across the globe are being lauded for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Many have offered support in comfort to their communities in a time of need. One such leader is New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
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Elton John Seen Leaving Stage In Tears After Being Forced To End Show Early

With his constant touring and high energy showmanship, it seemed like there was nothing that could stop Elton John from performing. However, the singer was forced to end a show in New Zealand early on Sunday after losing his voice due to pneumonia.
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Billie Joe Armstrong

Someone Accidentally Bought Billie Joe Armstrong’s Surf Van, Now It's Up For Auction

A man in New Zealand didn’t realize that the 1961 van he accidentally bought at an auction belonged to Green Days Billie Joe Armstrong. The van is now up for auction again.
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Billie Eilish sings during the 2019 Coachella Festival

Billie Eilish Is Moved To Tears As Maori Choir Covers Her Song

Billie Eilish is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. During the Auckland, New Zealand stop of her tour, she was greeted by a local maori tribe who covered her song "When the Party's Over". The Hātea Kapa Haka group welcomed the 17-year-old singer with a traditional dance followed by a performance of...
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Stan Lee

New Zealand Newspaper Mistakes Spike Lee For Stan Lee

A newspaper headline in New Zealand declared that film director Spike Lee Passed away instead of Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.
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Lonely Bird Dies Alone Next To Concrete Decoy He Fell In Love With

Wildlife officials wanted to establish a new gannet colony on the island off the coast of New Zealand, and placed some 80 decoy birds made of concrete to lure more birds to settle there.
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Friends Build Tiny Island To Avoid Public Drinking Ban For New Year's Party

What happens when you are faced with a public drinking ban in your hometown, but are in the mood for a party? Hey, it was New Year's for crying out loud! You can't just not go all out!
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