NOrth Carolina

Woman Gets Coronavirus Despite Staying at Home for 3 Weeks

A woman in North Carolina remained home for more than three weeks, but still tested positive for coronavirus. The woman has been sharing updates on social media.
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[Video] Weatherman Gives Snow Report Without Realizing He Left A Funny Faces Filter On Camera

Technology has improved almost every single industry, but sometimes the biggest screw ups are due to these improvements. The latest example of this comes from a weatherman in North Carolina who accidentally activated a camera filter leading to the embarrassing on air moment.
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Surveillance Footage Captures Man Getting Run Over By Deer In Parking Lot

Spotting a deer in the woods is a beautiful sight to see, but when you see a deer charging towards you full speed, that beauty quickly turns into fear. A man in North Carolina has gone viral after surveillance footage captured the moment a deer came out of nowhere to run the man over.
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Family Finds Snake Hidden Inside Their Oven While Trying To Bake Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza is a quick and delicious meal that’s perfect for an easy dinner, but for one family in North Carolina, their pizza night didn’t turn out the way they had hoped. After noticing smoke building in their kitchen, the Helm family decided to see what was going on.
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Lottery scratch-off tickets

Man Battling Cancer Wins $200,000 Lottery Ticket On His Way To Last Chemo Session

A man battling cancer won a whopping $200,000 on a lottery scratch-off ticket on his way to his last chemotherapy session.
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KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Restaurant, Now Open, Barrigada, 2018

Security Cameras Capture The Moment A KFC Restaurant Explodes In The Middle Of The Night

The employees at a KFC in North Carolina remember smelling gas.
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lottery, north carolina, richard beare, scratch off, winning

North Carolina Man Diagnosed With Cancer, Wins Lottery

It's difficult to love this story as much as I want to, becuase the overall result makes me so sad. Richard Beare, out of North Carolina just got diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer. However, he visited a Quick Trip a couple days ago and grabbed a lottery ticket while he was there because his wife...
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People at Chick-Fil-A

In Honor Of His Late Veteran Brother, A Man Bought Chick Fil-A For 11 Service Members

A man in Durham, North Carolina was just having lunch with his family when 11 servicemen walked into a Chick-Fil-A and he decided to pay it forward.
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Severe Mosquito Outbreak Hitting North Carolina After Hurricane

After Hurricane Florence came and went, residents of North Carolina thought things would begin to go back to normal.
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Everyone's Favorite Flag Waving Head Banger Lane Pittman Returns To Take On Hurricane Florence

Two years ago no one had a clue who Lane Pittman was. That is until he was filmed standing in the streets in Florida, staring down Hurrincane Matthew while holding an American flag and headbanging to Slayer.
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