North Texas

North Texas School to Receive Its Own Police Station Because of Shootings Like 'Sandy Hook and Columbine'

The project actually passed one week before the recent Florida school shooting that claimed 17 lives.
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Here's a List of North Texas School Closures and Delays Ahead of Ice Storm Warning

Most school districts west and northwest of DFW have issued closures or delays.
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Student Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Up An Arlington Middle School

Following the tragic events that happened in Florida, an eighth grader attending Nichols Junior High School was arrested for making a threat to the school. The 13-year-old claims that he was only joking and says he was going to bring a Nerf gun to school. Arlington police arrested the boy and is...
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Jason's Deli Confirms Statewide Security Breach; Credit-Card Info Has Been Compromised

The company headquartered in Beaumont, TX has confirmed a massive security breach, involving over two million credit-card numbers which have been leaked and compromised.
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Habitat For Humanity To Convert Shipping Containers Into Affordable Housing In McKinney

The North Collin County Habitat for Humanity purchased a three acre plot of land in east McKinney last November.
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Dad In Allen Makes A Backyard Winter Wonderland For Family

So we all know it has been pretty cold here in DFW the past few days. Cold enough for snow, but there just wasn't enough moisture in the air. So one local dad in Allen,TX took matters into his own hands. Jeramy Melchiorre says that he's quite the weather nerd, and wanted his kids to have a (late)...
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