Couple Names Foster Puppies Looking For New Homes After Taco Bell Menu Items

A combination of Taco Bell and puppies can turn any bad day around. That’s why a couple in Oklahoma decided to combine the two. Looking for homes for six foster puppies, the couple decided to name each of the adorable pups after items on the Taco Bell menu.
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Photo Credit: Evgen_Prozhyrko/Getty Images

Oklahoma Man Caught Driving Stolen Car Filled With Radioactive Uranium, Rattlesnake & Whiskey

No, the stolen car was not a DeLorean.
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Camera Captures The Exact Moment Man Was Bitten In The Face By A Snake Hiding In His Door

A man opened the screen door to his home and was in the process of unbolting the locks when he was paid a visit by a most unwelcome guest.
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Watch This Police Officer Respond To A Noise Complaint, Then Join In On The Noise

Just up the road up there in the great state of Oklahoma the police are jammin' on the side of the road. Last week the OCPD responded to a noise complaint, but shocked us all when the officer god behind the drums and started rocking the freak out! Officer Ross used to play drums back in the day,...
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Allen Alum Kyler Murray's Nike Ad Will Give You Chills

So you and I may love Kyler for different reasons. Obviously he was born and raised in this great state, graduated from Allen, but THEN he played football for the greatest college on planet earth... The University Of Oklahoma. (There's Only One) (Sidenote: It's difficult being an Oklahoma fan in...
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Alligator Gar

Man Catches 170-Pound Alligator Gar On Lake Texoma

Over the weekend a family was fishing on Lake Texoma and reeled in a monster-sized fish.
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Woman Uses T-Shirt Cannon To Get Drugs Over Prison Fence

Oooooklahoma... where the drugs get shot over the fence... Wait, that's not how it goes. Can we admire, just for a second, the passion of this woman? If Orange is The New Black has taught us anything it's that you have to be creative, when trying to get things inside a prison. It's also taught us,...
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Kevin Hart Invites NFL Star Baker Mayfield For A Hilarious Interview While They Sit In Bathtubs Full Of Ice!

I know it's difficult to say in Texas, but I am, and always have been an Oklahoma fan.
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Say Goodbye To Tornados In Texas? Tornado Alley Reportedly Shifting East

It's easy for weathermen to say "Don't be scared, be prepared," but tornados are terrifying.
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Backstreet Boys Concert At WinStar Canceled After Entrance Beams Fall, Injure 14

Before the Backstreet Boys even took the stage at WinStar World Casino and Resort last night, a storm halted the event, destroyed part of the venue, injuring 14 people in the process.
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