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This Couple Is Suing Their 30-Year-Old Son To Try And Get Him To Move Out

These parents claim they're out of options after sending their son five eviction notices.
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After Flunking Out The First Time, Texas Student Surprises Parents With A Diploma

Hanss Mujica found out the hard way college is much tougher that high school. Never an especially good student, Hanss found himself suspended almost immediately - breaking his parents' heart.
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For Just $200, You Can Enroll Your Baby In Classes To Become A DJ

Yes, you can still enroll your children in the standard arts and gymnastics classes, but only the cool moms and dads will buy their kids lessons in becoming a DJ!
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American Idol Gets Awkward After Katy Perry's Parents Call Her "Mouthy" & A "Middle Child Who Needs Attention"

We're only a few weeks into the reboot of American Idol and things are already getting uncomfortable for Katy Perry. As a follow up to her crotch shot early on and then the drama after giving one contestant his first kiss, now we meet Katy's parents!
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Teen Steals Parents' Credit Card, Rents House For Party, Causes $20,000 In Damage

A family is on the hook for $20,000 in damages, after a couples 14-year-old stole their credit card, rented a house for a party, and completely tore the place apart. Police were initially called for an "uncontrollable" party on Ottawa Ave in West Vancouver last Friday night. When they arrived at...
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Eight Things From The '80s Parents Are Keeping Alive For Their Kids

Lori Ferraro is a writer and actor who grew up in the '80s and now, her kids have become OBSESSED with the decade! They like to flip through all her photo books and love the "over-the-top-ness" of all the pictures, "mainly the hair" according to her.
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YouTuber Tests Parents To See If They Are Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Do you remember the Jeff Foxworty game show, 'Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?'?
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Police Called After T-Rex Spotted Walking Kid To School

Police were dispatched to a Philadelphia neighbor after a concerned neighbor noticed what looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex walking on the sidewalk.
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Parents Raise Concern After Public School Plans To Adopt $800 Uniforms Made By Armani

A public school in the upscale shipping district of Ginza in Tokyo has caused some concern with parents with their latest plans to adopt new school uniforms.
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Will Smith Creates Shot For Shot Parody Of Son Jaden's Music Video

His dear old papa decided to have a little fun at his expense.
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