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$10K Tip Left Day Before Owner Lays Off 90% Of Employees

The owner is trying to track down the generous customer.
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Video Of Trick-Or-Treater Filling Empty Halloween Candy Bowl Goes Viral

This will make you smile.
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Study Finds The Majority Of People Don't Want To Talk To Others In An Elevator

If there is one place for small talk at your office building, the elevator is not it.
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Texas Edges Out Florida And California, Is The Fast Growing State In The U.S.

We all know everything is bigger in Texas, and it appears it's going to remain that way for the foreseeable future.
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The Line Of People On Top Of Mt. Everest Will Make You Cringe

Mt. Everest is a bucket list destination for a lot of people. It's the highest mountain in the world at just over 29,000 feet. Let's put that into perspective; a plane, normally flies at 32,000 feet. So thats's 3,000 feet below. I've dreamt of climbing this mountain, even after all the movies, and...
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People Who Are Late Are Often More Successful And Live Longer

New research has found that people who tend to be late arriving to their destinations are often more successful and may actually live longer.
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Watch: Foster The People Release New Video For "Style."

The last album we heard from Foster The People was Sacred Hearts Club. We had a chance to see them at Toyota Music Factory over the summer, with Paramore. There was no mention of a new record at the time, but with this new goodness we should expect something soon? I mean, or not. Don't rush Mark,...
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Ten Surefire Signs People Think You Have An Intimidating Personality

Do you have an intimidating personality?
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Tinder Sued For Age Discrimination, Settles Lawsuit For $17.3 Million

Dating app Tinder offers a service called “Tinder Plus” which offers a variety of perk, including unlimited “likes,” and a passport feature that allows you to swipe anyone in the world.
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Grumpy People Live Longer And Earn More Money Than Positive People

Sometimes it pays to be a grouch.
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