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Dog Becomes Instant Star After Being Photographed Chasing Down Google Street View Car

A dog in Japan has become an instant celebrity after a Google Street View car captured of the images to the dog chasing the vehicle throughout Kumage, in Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture.
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Study Finds Dogs Will Manipulate Us To Get What They Want

Take a look at your dog. That sweet innocent face. Do not be fooled by it.
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This 12-Foot Mattress Is Big Enough To Fit Your Entire Family

When you've got a family, you're used to your bed being a little crowded.
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Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Ferrets: More Than 100 Animals Seized at Grand Prairie Home

The Humane Society of North Texas has a huge influx of animals admitted today.
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Rescued Shelter Dog Holds Hands With Woman Driving Her To New Home

A lot of people out there have a theory that rescue dogs make the best pets because it's like they know you rescued them. Well if you ever had any doubt in your mind about that theory, this video just might change your mind. Four year old Regan ended up in a shelter after her owner passed away. Of...
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11-Year-Old Designs Custom Bow-Ties To Help Shelter Dogs Find Their Forever Homes

Darius Brown is an 11-year-old from Newark, New Jersey who is just trying to make shelter dogs look fabulous.
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Popular Dog Food Recalled After Repeatedly Testing Positive For Euthanasia Drug

Nikki Mael's dogs all became unresponsive after eating a can of Evanger’s pet food New Year's, 2016.
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Man Receives $360 A Week After State Finds Dog Is Eligible For Unemployment

Attorney Michael Haddock says he received a letter from the State of Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency addressed to a Michael Ryder.
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Southwest Airlines Relief Flight Rescues 62 Stray Dogs And Cats From Puerto Rico

After months of organization, Southwest Airlines just completed a relief mission to hurricane-battered Puerto Rico that brought over 14,000 pounds in supplies to the island, and brought back 62 rescued stray dogs and cats.
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Woman Crashes Car Into Home After Dog Leaps Into Her Lap Trying To Eat Her Sandwich

You're driving a car....while eating food....while your hungry pooch is sitting in the backseat waiting to strike. It certainly sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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