Kids Have A New Hand Gesture For Talking On The Phone And It’s Making Some Feel Very Old

Regardless of age, adults are always trying to feel as young as possible. For many young adults, they just got their first glimpse that they aren’t as young as they think. A video has gone viral on TikTok showing kids have a new hand gesture to symbol they are talking on the phone, and it has many...
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This Is the Robocall Scam That Hassles People the Most in the U.S.

Did you ever receive a call about a person trying to sell a product or you owe money? Well, you are not alone! If you are constantly receiving robocalls, there has been a growing number of Americans getting scammed. RoboKiller, a call-blocking app, released a report that shows 5.5 million...
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Why It's Dangerous to Hold Your Phone While Running

If you’re the type of person who holds their phone while out for a jog, an expert claims you should stop it. The decision may make sense, but facts prove it may be a bad idea. Metro UK spoke with a running expert who warned people that this might lead to a shoulder or hip injury. UK Athletics...
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Company Offering $1,000 To Anyone Willing To Spend The Weekend Without Their Phone

This dream job can be yours, as long as you’re willing to part with your phone that is.
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People Are Texting Their “Number Neighbor” And The Results Are Hilarious

The internet is full of odd fads, trends and challenges that no one is quite sure how they started or who started them. The newest trend to hit social media may be the oddest one yet, but surprisingly it has created new friendships.
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68% Of Teens Sleep With Their Cell Phones At Night

Do you sleep with your phone at night? Many people have their mobile device within reach (nightstand, etc.), but 29% of teens say the cell is actually in the bed with them. An online/phone survey conducted with 1000 parents and children (12-18 years of age) shows that 68% of teenagers keep a...
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Man's Phone Gets Hit By An Arrow Saving His Life

A man in Australia was arrested after firing a bow and arrow at a man he knew.
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Phone Scammer Accidentally Calls The Former Head Of The FBI

If you’re a phone scammer, whose sole job is to sucker innocent people out of their money, this is probably the last person you'd want a call.
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RAZR Flip Phones Are Making A Comeback?

You can slam your phone shut again!
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Police Teach Valuable Lesson After Teen Calls 911 Because Her Father Took Her Phone

A teenager in Ohio learned a very valuable lesson in the importance of only calling 911 for an actual emergency.
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