‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Reboot Based On Dark Viral Video In The Works

There are many shows from the past that fans have been begging to see a reboot of. While many networks have already attempted to bring back classic shows form the past, fans seemingly want more, as now yet another classic show is getting a reboot.
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'A League of Their Own' Reboot TV Series Headed to Amazon

“A League of their Own” is arguably one of the greatest baseball movies of all time, and now a television reboot is coming to Amazon Prime. The new adaptation is co-created by ‘Broad City’ alum Abbi Jacobson
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'Wonder Years' Reboot Will Feature a Black Family Set at ABC

Another beloved TV series is being rebooted. ABC is planning to return to “The Wonder Years” with a series that will focus on a Black family living in Montgomery, Alabama in the 1960s. Find out more about the series now.
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'Twister' Reboot Is in the Forecast at Universal

A reboot of the 1996 blockbuster film “Twister” is being developed at Universal. The original starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as a storm-chasing couple on the verge of divorce.
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Karen Gillan May Star In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Reboot As Disney Looks For New Female Lead

Major changes could be coming to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. With Disney moving forward with the latest installment of the franchise, it appears they could go the reboot route, bringing in a new star to lead the film. According to reports, Disney is considering building the new story...
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Macaulay Culkin Will Reportedly Be Paid Over $2.5 Million To Appear In ‘Home Alone’ Reboot

When it was first announced Disney was rebooting the classic ‘Home Alone’ franchise, many fans assumed original star, Macaulay Culkin, would somehow be involved. Now, it is being reported that not only will the actor have a small part in the film, but he was paid quite handsomely for his work.
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Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark Paul Gosselaar Goes Back To Blonde For ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot

Actor Mark Paul Gosselaar teases the return of Zach Morris with latest Instagram post.
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Original Power Rangers From 90’s TV Series Could Return For Latest Movie Reboot

When the first reboot of the ‘Power Rangers’ was made back in 2017, many fans were hoping to get a glimpse of the original Power Rangers at some point in the film. While that didn’t occur then, now it is being reported that the latest reboot attempt could see the return of the beloved characters...
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Chris Evans And Scarlett Johansson Are In Talks For A ‘Little Shop Of Horrors” Reboot

Marvel stars, Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson, are currently in talks to return to the big screen together, but not in the role you may be expecting. It has been reported that both Evans and Johansson may star in the remake of the 1986 classic ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’
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Potential ‘Community’ Movie Teased By Allison Brie

With all the reboots of classic television series happening lately, it seems shows are no longer ending their run with a movie. In the past, heading to the big screen was the best way for classic show’s to end their run.
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