Recipe Combining Rice Krispies Treats And Hot Dogs Goes Viral

For chefs, combining flavors can be a difficult task, as not everything mashes quite like chocolate and peanut butter. Still, an internet chef has gone viral after finding a food combination that seems gross at first, but has many intrigued. The viral recipe combines hot dogs and Rice Krispies...
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How to Make Ross Geller's Iconic Turkey Sandwich from 'Friends'

There’s no sandwich more memorable than the Moist Maker from ‘Friends.’ Monica Geller made her brother, Ross, the sandwich using Thanksgiving leftovers. See the full recipe to recreate the sandwich now.
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Chipotle Shares Their Guacamole Recipe So You Can Make It While Stuck at Home

Chipotle just shared its secret recipe for guacamole during the coronavirus pandemic. The fast-food restaurant tells you step-by-step how to make the popular product.
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IKEA Shares Recipe for Its Swedish Meatballs

A lot of famous places are giving up some of their secret recipes amid the coronavirus pandemic. IKEA is now sharing its famous recipe for its Swedish meatballs.
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You Can Now Make Walt Disney’s Favorite Chili Recipe at Home

With parks around the world remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Disney has been blessing fans with iconic recipes that can be easily recreated at home! Check out Walt’s Chili recipe now.
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Disney Releases Official Dole Whip Recipe Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As many continue to abide by social distancing measures, some may dream of going to Disney parks during this crisis. While this isn’t possible right now, you can still make some of its iconic treats at home. See the recipe.
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Man Claims To Have Created Spot On Recipe For Making KFC At Home

Most people have at least one dish they have perfected, but still many beloved tastes just can’t seem to be matched at home. While there are many great recipes for fried chicken online, many have tried and failed to match the iconic taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
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Kevin From ‘The Office’ Shares His Famous Chili Recipe From The Show For National Chili Day

Every fan of ‘The Office’ has a favorite moment from the iconic show. For some it’s a Jim and Pam moment, for others it’s an uncomfortable Michael moment, but for many it’s the scene where Kevin drops chili all over the floor and himself.
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5 Unique Bacon Recipes That Deserve Your Attention

You can serve bacon pretty much any way and it will be delicious. The taste penetrates into some primordial part of the human brain, the smell can coax an appetite out of the most stuffed diner, the texture is the apex of sensation — all that is to say bacon is good . Just in time to celebrate...
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Make This Edible 75-lb. Castle to Celebrate National Gingerbread House Day

Get ready to make some festive gingerbread houses this Thursday, Dec. 12, because it's National Gingerbread House Day. The tasty confectionery is usually made of cookie dough baked into slabs for the construction of walls and the roof, which is held together by icing. It’s decorated with candy such...
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