Man operating of flying drone

He Showed The World How To Successfully Date During Quarantine

A man had the courage and successful genius idea to ask out his neighbor via drone during quarantine. Check out their documented love story gone viral.
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Blink-182 Releases New Track Perfect For Your Next Break Up

If you're just now going through a break up or have a feeling you might be sometime in the near future, then Blink-182 has got your musical emotions covered.
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Study Reveals That Women Are Happier When Coupled With Ugly Men

Women don’t feel as pressured to look as good when they are with a man that is less attractive according to a study conducted by Florida State University.
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Halsey and Yungblud ride a carousel at Disney

Halsey And Yungblud Pose Controversial Question About Sexuality In New Photo

It's Pride Month so everyone is being cautious not to unintentionally offend others. Halsey, an outspoken LBGTQ+ activist shared a photo of her partner Yungblud and herself with an interesting question. It simply asks: "Who Is the Boyfriend and Who Is the Girlfriend? 99% of People Get This Wrong"...
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Server waiting on a couple

List Of Relationship Red Flags That Your Server Can Pick Up On

Here a couple of things that the server at your favorite restaurant can spot about your relationship.
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Arms Crossed, Suit, Male, Intimidating, Angry, Purple Tie

Ten Surefire Signs People Think You Have An Intimidating Personality

Do you have an intimidating personality?
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This Company Will Remove Your Ex From Photos

We all have that one perfect photo of ourselves that is ruined by our ex being in it Well now you can get rid of your ex for good. Edit My Ex will remove your ex from a photo and send you a new version within 48 hours for about $10. Unfortunately they can't remove your ex from your real life, but...
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Rich, Wealthy, Man, Wine, Fancy Suit, Downtown, Balcony

Want To Become Wealthy? Might Want To Avoid These Type Of People.

Author Thomas C. Corley hung out with the upper elite for five years to research the daily habits of the rich and wealthy.
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'Fortnite' Is Causing Divorces

We've seen it all before. Every so often, a new gaming obsession emerges and seems to cause all kinds of mayhem.
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Elderly, Old, Woman, Typing, Keyboard

Author Of "How To Murder Your Husband" Arrested...For Murdering Her Husband

Nancy Crampton-Brophy is a self-published author of several books, including "The Wrong Husband," and "The Girl Most Likely To."
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