Dave Grohl

Mash-Up Of The Foo Fighters 'All My Life' And 'The Circle Of Life' Is Brilliant

One of the most iconic songs ever, mixed with a Foo Fighters classic is the perfect combination.
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Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson Releases Grandson Remix Of 'I Just Don't Care That Much' And Tour Dates

New and rising alternative musician Matt Maeson has been pretty busy this week.
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Mark Hoppus on stage

Here's What To Expect When Blink-182 And Lil Wayne Tour Together

When news came out that blink-182 and Lil Wayne were planning a tour together, the world was shook. People thought the two musical genres would clash so the band and rapper decided to put those fears to rest. In this video, blink-182 plays their chart-topping hit "What's My Age Again" while Tunechi...
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Slipknot, Corey Taylor, Chicago, Toyota Park, 2016

You Wouldn’t Think Slipknot And The B-52’s Would Mash Up Well, But Here’s Proof They Do!

Slipknot and The B-52’s are seemingly two bands on the complete opposite sides of the music spectrum.
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Billie Eilish performs at the 2019 Coachella Festival

Tiesto's Remix Of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" Is The Song You Didn't Know You Needed

Just when I thought I couldn't love "Bad Guy" any more than I already do, Tiesto got a hold of it. Billie Eilish's latest hit has been remixed a couple times already, but this one is definitely my favorite. You can dance to it. You can work out to it. You can drive to it. You can do it to it. You...
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Hayley from Paramore sings on stage

Watch This Montage Of 10 Emo Classics Played 10 Different Ways

A trio of brilliant dudes in Washington decided to make a tribute to 10 of the greatest emo songs of all time. Jared Dines, Vince Mindas, and Austin Dickey covered 10 popular hits-- with a twist. They arranged each single so it was another genre's style. Here's the tracklist for the four-minute...
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Willy Wonka Gets Autotuned!

Willy Wonka is one of the greatest movies of all time. Easily one of Gene Wilder's best performances. Gene Wilder left this Earth two years ago. Thankfully, he still lives on in movies and TV. And occasionally he'll go viral, with a remix of Willy Wonka. Yes, someone has taken the song "Pure...
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1980s, Woman, Bubblegum, 80s

Do Popular Songs From Fall Out Boy, Green Day, And Ed Sheeran Sound Better As '80s Remixes?

Do you ever wonder how popular bands or artists of today would fare if they were active in a different decade?
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Portugal. The Man's 'Feel It Still' Remixed By "Weird Al" Yankovic

Portugal. The Man meet “Weird Al” in these two new remixes.
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