Cast of That 70s Show

Wilmer Valderrama Says He’s Discussed Doing A ‘That ‘70s Show’ Reunion Movie

Actor Wilmer Valderrama says he’s talked with his former cast member about doing a ‘That ‘70s Movie’.
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Noel Gallagher Says He Wants To Play Guitar For The Smiths If The Band Ever Reunites

With all the bands that are set to reunite in 2020, many fans have been asking when the world will see an oasis reunion. As the Gallagher brothers continue to fight through the media, both Noel and Liam seem content to never bring back their iconic band.
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Mötley Crüe Ignites Comeback Rumors After Tweeting Out Fan’s Reunion Petition

It seems just about every classic band is getting back together for a reunion tour these days. One of the groups that have consistently denied rumors of a comeback is Mötley Crüe.
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Cast Of Happy Days

Cast Of ‘Happy Days’ Reunites To Honor Show Runner Garry Marshall

Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, Don Most, Anson Williams, and Marion Ross got together to honor their former boss Garry Marshall.
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Neil Young Now Says He “Wont Close The Door” On A CSNY Reunion

As more and more classic bands are getting back together and hitting the road for a reunion tour, one reunion fans have given up on is Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. It has been years since the foursome has performed together, and any chance either of them get to shut down rumors of a reunion,...
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‘Friends’ Co-Stars Reunite For “Rare” Cast Selfie

There is nothing better than reuniting with old friends, especially after years apart. Apparently, the stars of ‘Friends’ feel the same way, as some of the cast recently reunited and they seem more than happy to be together.
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Sylvester Stallone & Dolph Lundgren

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Dolph Lundgren Reunited At A Party

The three action stars got together for a couple of selfies while at a party that Arnold was throwing.
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Sammy Hagar Continues Van Halen Feud, Says He Doesn’t Respect David Lee Roth’s Artistry

The feud between Sammy Hagar and Van Halen was continued recently, as Hagar has once again taken aim at frontman, David Lee Roth. The Red Rocker has continuously claimed over the years his era of Van Halen was the most successful, but took things to a new level in a recent interview, saying he...
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Apparently, We Owe Andrew "Dice" Clay For GN'R Reunion

For years fans of Guns N’ Roses believed there was nothing that could possibly bring the band back together. Well, apparently all it took was some convincing by comedian Andrew Dice Clay.
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Monica, Rachel, & Phoebe Had A Mini "Friends" Reunion

Dear NBC, please give us a "Friends" reunion NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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