Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds, Michael Bay, And 'Deapool' Writers Team Up For A New Netflix Movie

Netflix has announced a new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.
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Taylor Swift's Cats Made A Cameo In Deadpool 2

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Ryan Reynolds Dressed As Unicorn Sings On Korean TV Show

While spending time in South Korea to promote the upcoming "Deadpool" sequel, Ryan Reynolds did the most Ryan Reynolds thing he could do.
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Ryan Reynolds, Smirk, Suit

Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolls "The Avengers" Revealing Why Deadpool Isn't In "Infinity War"

It's the biggest movie in the world right now with the biggest opening weekend box office ever, and it seems that Avengers: Infinity War seemingly has all the favorite Marvel characters under the sun in it. Well, there is one glaring exclusion.
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Hugh Jackman And Wife

While Trying To Film A Happy Birthday Message, Deadpool Interrupts Hugh Jackman With Show Tunes

Old Man Logan may be dead, but that isn't stopping Deadpool from trolling Hugh Jackman.
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Deadpool 2 Trailer is Out

WATCH: The Official 'Deadpool 2' Trailer Is Hilarious

It may not be Avengers: Infinity War, but Deadpool 2 will be the other blockbuster superhero team-up film stemming from MARVEL to hit theaters this year. Audiences will be treated to exactly what they expect based off of the first Deadpool film: fourth wall breaks, Deadpool's wisecracks, and plenty...
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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Josh Brolin On His Birthday With A Goonies Portrait

Instagram exists only for Ryan Reynolds trolling skills. The man is a master! No celebrity is off limits.
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New 'Deadpool 2' Poster Pays Tribute To 'Flashdance'

There are many movies out there to look forward to and trailers and movie posters make us even more excited.... especially when they get viral reactions!
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Deadpool 2's Release Date Moved Up To May

Happy happy! Joy joy! Deadpool 2 will hit theaters sooner than expected!
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Ryan Reynolds Wishes Fans Happy New Year With An Epic Throwback Pic

Can all agree that Ryan Reynolds is awesome? Not only is he willing to make fun of his wife by trolling her on social media with terrible photos, but he's even down to throw himself under the bus.
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