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Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon To Star As Carole Baskin In New Series Based On ‘Tiger King’

It seems the world’s newest pop culture obsession is the Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.’ With new memes, gifs and stories featuring Joe Exotic and the rest of the show’s characters, coming out every day, it has become clear everyone is just waiting for more ‘Tiger King...
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Photo Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports (Eddie Murphy) & Tom Gralish/Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS (Bill Cosby)

Bill Cosby's Rep Calls Eddie Murphy "Hollywood Slave" Over SNL Joke

This has gotten REALLY ugly.
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Eddie Murphy Brought Back Classic Characters & Comedy Superstars On 'SNL'

Gumby, Mister Robinson's Neighborhood and Buckwheat, anyone?
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Comedian Pete Davidson Asked Fans To Sign NDA Before Attending Recent Show

Most comedians recently have begun going to extreme measures to make sure their jokes aren’t recorded by the audience, but one has officially gone too far. ‘Saturday Night Live’ Star, Pete Davidson reportedly has asked his audience to sign a non-disclosure agreement before attending his show.
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Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds Distracts Will Ferrell During His SNL Monologue

Multiple celebrities made a surprise appearance during Will Ferrell’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live.
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Will Ferrell Says SNL’s Cowbell Sketch “Ruined” Christopher Walken’s Life

One of the most beloved Saturday Night Live sketches of all time features Christopher Walken freaking out over an oddly dressed Will Ferrell playing the cowbell. While the “more cowbell” sketch is one of the most iconic moments from SNL’s history, and has become synonymous with Walken’s career,...
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David Harbour

David Harbour Is Oscar The Grouch In SNL ‘Joker’ Parody

David Harbour plays Oscar the Grouch in gritty take on ‘Sesame Street’ for SNL short.
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Saturday Night Live Welcomes Three New Cast Members For The 45th Season

The 45th season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ is set to premiere at the end of this month, but already some major changes to the show have been announced. While many fans are upset over the exits of Leslie Jones and Alec Baldwin, the show has announced three new cast members for the upcoming season.
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Eddie Murphy

Woody Harrelson, Eddie Murphy, And David Harbour Set To Host SNL This Season

NBC has released the names of celebrities who will be hosting SNL this season.
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Rob Schneider’s “Makin’ Copies” Character From SNL Returns To TV

Everyone believes the most annoying person in their office is the worst coworker possible, but nothing can top what Rob Schneider brought to the world during his time on ‘Saturday Night Live.’
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