[Video] This Fish With A Shockingly Human-Like Face Is Terrifying The Internet

Some people may have features that resemble a fish, but most have never seen a fish that looks like a human, until now. A video has been circulating online that shows a fish swimming up to the surface, with a face that has noticeably human like features.
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Home For Sale In Australia Goes Viral For Disturbing Interior Photos

Buying a house can be difficult, as it’s hard to find the perfect home. Even the best properties have something wrong with it that scares off potential buyers. That’s exactly what is happening to a home for sale in Australia.
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Brown Recluse, Spider, White Background

Woman Finds Brown Recluse Spider In Ear After Complaining Of Hearing “Swooshing” Sound

Susie Torres went to the doctor thinking she had water lodged in her ear.
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Garden Spider, Black and Yellow, Trap, Grasshopper, Web, Large

Spider Captures And Eats Bat Caught In Web Outside Texas Home

Spiders. Bats. Webs. It’s more than two months until Halloween and we have found the creepiest story of the year.
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Luggage, Suitcase, Airport, Conveyer Belt

Toddler Injured After Getting Stuck On Airport Conveyer Belt All The Way To TSA Room

A toddler at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport wandered away from his mother while she printing out her boarding pass at a kiosk.
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Jet Engine, Plane, Airplane, Tarmac, Blue Sky

Delta Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Engine Fails Mid-Flight

Ok, this is a true nightmare come to life.
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college, sorority, university of texas, texas, longhorns, creepy, scary

A Texas Sorority Video For New Recruits From 2016 Has Gone Viral Again Because It's Horrifying

If you google "sorority chants" you can see all kinds of internet GOLD like this. But be warned, it's a dark, deep, black hole. I chose this one because it's taken off again on the internet in the last 24 hours, it's from Texas, and I can't stop watching it on repeat. I need an update on where all...
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HBO Is Throwing Out What We Have To Look Forward To After Game Of Thrones Ends

This is AWESOME. I actually got scared watching just the trailer. This series seems to not be a direct adaptation of the novel, nor does it really look like the movie storyline. There's only two episodes left of Game of Thrones, so it seems HBO is pumping out what we have to look forward to, after...
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Rattlesnake, Outdoors, Forest, Rock, Bite, Teeth

Camera Captures The Exact Moment Man Was Bitten In The Face By A Snake Hiding In His Door

A man opened the screen door to his home and was in the process of unbolting the locks when he was paid a visit by a most unwelcome guest.
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mark hamill, childs play, chucky, scary, horror

Chucky Is Back, Thanks To Mark Hamill. Watch The Trailer, But With The Lights On.

I literally had to turn on every single light in the room I'm in before I watched this trailer. Remember when we were kids and Child's Play was absolutely the scariest movie on planet earth? Well, not much has changed, for me personally, because even when I finished this, as a 37 year old woman, I...
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