Website Offering $3,000 To Have Sex On Different Mattresses For Reviews

With a large number of people currently not working, many are in constant search for ways to make extra money. While the internet is a good source of finding odd jobs, usually the work isn’t exactly easy or enjoyable. However, a website has decided to change that; offering $3,000 to a couple...
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New Study Reveals Men Watch 70 Minutes Of Porn Per Week And It Is Leading To Performance Issues

The internet has done so much for the world, from the spread of information to helping technology improve, yet based on data it seems most of the time it’s just being used to watch pornography. Now, a new study is showing the amount of porn being watched by men may be doing more damage than many...
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Jessica And Charlie Have Been Dubbed The Kinkiest Names By Shopping Marketplace

Often time’s people try to correlate names with personality traits. There are memes dedicated to depicting certain names with individual characteristics, and books about finding the true meanings of names. Now, an online shopping marketplace has come up with a top 20 list of the kinkiest names,...
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New Study Finds Young American Men Are Having Less Sex Than Ever Before

Adults always assume the younger generation is up to things they could never imagine doing when they were growing up. As kid’s get into adult activities sooner and sooner, a new study has found in one area kids are waiting longer than ever to engage in. According to the study, young Americans are...
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New Study Shows People Who Use Emojis In Texts Go On More Dates And Have More Sex

If you're single and haven't had any luck in the dating world, then it might be time to start adding emojis to your text messages.
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There's Now An Easy Button For "Sexy Time" With Your Significant Other

Do we really need a button for sex? Uhhh, that's what emojis are for!
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Millennial Business Man

Survey Shows That Millennials Would Rather Give Up Sex & Alcohol Than Amazon

A new survey done by the Max Borges Agency shows that Millennials love Amazon so much that they would give up sex and alcohol.
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World's First Smart Condom Lets You Track And Upload Data Of Your Performances

We looked extra hard to make sure this story wasn't just a late entry for April Fool's Day. Apparently, this is very real.
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